Posted by: kirstieann | January 31, 2011

Where My Run Went Wacky

Let me tell you a brief story, a little experience I just had…

So I went for a run tonight down by the reflecting pool and WW2 memorial. I stopped at the end of the reflecting pool for a second to grab a cough drop out of my pocket and put my foot up on one of the benches. As I was grabbing it out of my pocket a squirrel comes under me and looks at me. Then it proceeds to jump up onto the bench and as I start to unwrap the cough drop it puts its nose on my shoe and starts sniffing. At this point I’m thinking whatever, this is so unusual there’s no way it will come any closer than that. Well I was completely wrong; it started to climb up my leg!! That must have been one sick and hungry squirrel. I immediately shook it off and stepped away from the bench, realizing that it was going to be persistent and I needed to keep on running before it jumped on me. I popped the cough drop in my mouth and was putting my glove on as its little friend joined and they both started to come towards me again. I just started running and thankfully they did not follow…

Posted by: kirstieann | November 5, 2010

Willow Smith

Okay, I know we all know her song and the awesome music video, but her performance on Ellen just proves how tiny and amazing she is! She is so cute and actually very talented (not a fan of the far too obvious Rihanna influence though). that’s all.

Posted by: kirstieann | October 21, 2010

Sweetflow Mobile Review

Ok, so I have finally just had my first fro yo from Sweetgreen’s Sweetflow mobile! Overall: pretty good. But it’s the details that keep it from being great. Their yogurt is a good, real fro yo, but it’s pretty icy, more so than it should be. My toppings: banana, peaches, & candied walnuts. The peaches were all brown from being cut and left out for so long but the flavor wasn’t compromised and it beats the canned alternative. Some of the walnuts were candied and some not, but I’m not sure they were overall candied enough to be called candied. Presentation was perfect and there were no toppings toppling off the side, but I feel like I got more toppings for my buck than yogurt for my buck. They need to solve the hollow yogurt problem and compact it in a little more so the volume of yogurt actually corresponds to the size of the cup. Favorite thing: the variety and uniqueness of their daily toppings list. It’s more than fresh fruit, chocolate chips, and granola with things like baked pears and almonds on the list, which makes for some awesome topping combination possibilities. I am excited to have some more so I can try all sorts of flavor combinations.

Posted by: kirstieann | September 30, 2010

In Case of Emergency

In case of an emergency, college students would be screwed. Personally, whenever a fire alarm goes off I am a bit hesitant to move quickly. It is usually because it’s either a drill or a “false alarm,” like some idiot smoking in their room.

After having the fire alarm go off 4 times in the last 3 or so weeks (3 times in the last 24 hours) it is getting rather annoying. Yesterday was the only instance of which was actually a drill. Today I walked home in the pouring rain, and although I had a rain jacket on and an umbrella, my pants were absolutely soaked through because it was raining so hard. I got to back to the dorm to find the alarm going off and had to stand outside in the rain for a ridiculous 20 minutes. When I finally came up to my room I barely had enough time to take off all my wet clothes and put on sweats before the alarm went off again.

With the pretty consistent pattern of fire alarms going off in college dorms, students start to slow down their response and evacuation time. For example, today I spent more time making sure I turned out all the lights before exiting to the sound of the second fire alarm and was less stressed about getting out quick. As I heard someone say, this is also becoming a “boy who cried wolf” kind of situation, in that when there really is an emergency or fire, less and less people will be in the habit of swiftly leaving the building or even leaving at all.

Posted by: kirstieann | July 20, 2010

iPhone 4 Update

The latest with me, Apple, and the iPhone 4:

My iPhone was easily replaced Saturday after a few questions and a seemingly normal, therefore inconclusive, diagnostic test. The guy at the Genius bar already had a new iPhone ready for me that he whipped out of nowhere in a notorious black utility-grade plastic case. It had stickers with serial numbers on it and when I left I noticed a big sticker with my name on the case. Eerie.

So far I am happy because I have a normal battery life again. The antennagate issue is definitely less drastic on the replacement phone: I can get the bars to drop to one (which is a rather insignificant and useless bar anyways) from three or more, but not to zero or the “Searching” & “No Service” dialogues anymore. This is hopeful, although I have had some brief issues with the “Could not activate Cellular Data Network” notifications. If this persists, it may mean another phone call with the nice men over at Apple Support.

If anything, I am waiting to hear when I can put my name/order in for a free case. I would also like a set of trustworthy back and front screen protectors, please.

Posted by: kirstieann | July 20, 2010


Intellectually stimulating, yet still entertaining. Well-thought out, incredibly pieced together, bloody brilliant.

In this day and age, so many blockbusters are created from the manipulation of the same, short list of storylines. Inception is probably the first movie I have seen in my lifetime that was *almost* completely unique (as close as we’ll ever get). While there were moments reminiscent of the Ocean’s Eleven trilogy and other scheming action movies, Inception brought in other sci-fi, mystery, drama, and innovative crime genres, making it incomparable to any one single movie.

I started out the movie knowing I needed to pay attention to the details, and once I figured everything out it was easy enough to keep track of the story without trying too hard. Keeping up with the thought-provoking aspects of the movie didn’t take away from my enjoyment of it, so I walked away amazed with all facets of the movie. No matter what, it kept me engaged and thinking, something I can’t say for most movies I am genuinely entertained by as well. I think that even people who can’t quite keep up with the shifts between dreams and reality can still avoid confusion and enjoy the storyline just as much as I did.

And I must say, seeing it in IMAX made it that much better (Yes, bigger really can be better). So go get out and see it, and prepared to be mind-bogglingly surprised.

Posted by: kirstieann | July 16, 2010

Update on my iPhone 4

So due to some battery life issues this week I had a call with Apple Support today. Basically, after going through it with the guy he said it was probably a problem with a battery and gave me two options: 1. they would repair my battery…overnight me a phone and have me send mine back. the new phone would be a replacement (so not really a repair after all but a flat out replacement). 2. I could go make an appointment at an apple store and see if they could figure it out further, etc. I chose the 2nd, only because I’m expecting they’ll end up replacing the phone either way, and if they do I want to see if it comes out of one of those black plastic cases like I’ve heard about and see in person how they’re really handling the many iPhone 4s they’re replacing. Keep you updated after my appointment tomorrow evening!

Posted by: kirstieann | July 16, 2010

LA Roadtrip

I ended up taking a bit of a last minute road trip down to Westwood this weekend with a few friends. Can I point out that it was a lot of damn driving for me? We made it there and back in good time, despite the 18-wheeler in the middle of the road on 152 the way there and the rubber-necking going on on 101 the way home – a crash closed down the other side of the freeway and a medical helicopter made an emergency landing on the freeway right in front of our eyes.

We got to Westwood late Friday night, hit up In-N-Out, and then went out. Saturday morning we had brunch at the Novel Cafe and browsed in Buffalo Exchange and a few stores before laying by the pool a little and going out again. [Hanging out in a different culture, I am happy I went to an art school and not a UC – those UCLA boys are a bit dramatic.] We ended up being lazy and going back to Novel Cafe Sunday morning before heading home. The end; not too exciting but it was something fun to do…

The I think next time I drive down to LA I will definitely take 101 instead of 5 cause I miss the days of stopping in Santa Barbara and Ventura on the way down…

Posted by: kirstieann | June 29, 2010

My new iPhone 4!

First off, let me just say that it is beautiful! Shiny, sleek, and thin … just as promised. Now here’s what I have to say about it:

Reception: There are all these claims of losing reception if you hold it the wrong way – I have a couple responses to this: A. Who awkwardly holds it by the bottom anyways? I usually hold it closer to center to be more stable, and because I do so, I don’t need a to use death grip, just a gentle cradle; B. I’ve had 3G turned off since I’ve gotten it and haven’t had problems…just a thought.
Update: So I’m now trying the new phone with 3G enabled for the next week (to compare). I was laying in bed and noticed the problem w/o even intentionally trying to block the antenna. I see the problem, but I don’t think I would take it as far as these people because it’s not a problem for me about 90% of the time.

Multitasking: I haven’t really played around with it much, though I did try having Pandora on play while using other features. It worked, so as long as it works in my car while I use Google maps I’m happy. The only problem annoyance I’ve found with multitasking and fast-app switching is always having to delete apps from the multitasking menu.

Folders: I got this feature on my 3G before launch day so I had a chance to try it out before I got the new phone. I like that it keep things more organized so I don’t have 5 pages of apps, and once I got the hang of it it was fairly easy to remember which folders all of my apps were in.

Mailbox: I like having all my email in one mailbox, but I hate that with Gmail accounts I no longer have the option of deleting messages. I rarely used the archive feature for my account on my computer, and have no reason to archive all the silly subscriptions I get. I just want to be able to delete my emails on my phone!

Hardware: I’m definitely a fan of the stainless steel band; the buttons feel nice and I like that the volume buttons are separate. I feel like it won’t chip off like the plastic of my 3G’s dock connection did.

Cameras: I’ll admit, I only briefly opened the camera app just to see if both cameras worked. I haven’t used FaceTime or the flash yet, but that’s because I still have the protective plastic on…which brings me to my next point…

There are no cases or protective films yet for the iPhone 4. I could order one from some random website, but I’d prefer to get one right off the apple website so I know it fits properly. And no, I will not invest $30 in a stupid bumper. Now that the iPhone has a glass back and front I’m even more worried about protecting it from scratches and breaking.

Comparisons to my iPhone 3G: I’ve noticed a few things: 1. I think the battery life is now better; 2. Many may not have noticed, but the iPhone font has changed. This affects anywhere where typing is involved, such as emails, texts, etc. I had no problems with the old font, but I like the new one better: it’s thinner and easier/quicker to read.

Other notes: 1. I think I will enjoy the ability to create playlists in the ipod app; 2. I wish the screen lock worked in landscape mode; 3. I haven’t changed the wallpaper yet – I like the default water droplets 🙂

All in all, I think it was worth the 3 hr 45 min wait on launch morning.

N.B. I am also in the market for a new Bluetooth. I bought my Apple brand one 2 years ago when I bought my 3G. It’s worked fine cause I only need something simple, but the earpiece has recently started to fall apart. I just need a small & simple one, any recommendations?

Posted by: kirstieann | June 17, 2010

Next Up: GWU!

For those who didn’t know, I will be transferring to The George Washington University in the fall. My time at SCAD was great for the most part, but for many reasons, it’s time to move on from that stage of my life. Which in this case will take me to GWU!

I found out about my acceptance to GWU quite momentously actually. It was the third and final school I was waiting to hear from, and despite my first two acceptances, I was most unsure about GWU’s admission decision. I came home from my last class (EVER!) at SCAD and went to check the mail. To my surprise I found a big envelope from GWU and brought it inside to open it up to the most well-presented acceptance I have ever received. To this day I am still surprised and overjoyed.

Unfortunately, now I will spend the summer sitting in this puddle of mixed emotions. There is only so much I can do while I wait for fall to come; I’ve done the measly housing app, signed up for fall orientation, and am waiting to sign up for classes soon. I am so excited to get to DC and start learning as much as I can soak in, but nervous for all the new things I will be experiencing and delving into as well. I know I will be an Environmental Studies major as part of the Columbian College of Arts & Sciences, and the hope is to tack on an Art History/Fine Arts minor and International Affairs as a secondary field. Hopefully I am not being too unrealistic because right now I’m just so excited to have the opportunity to study anything I want. And maybe, with my lack of liberal arts credits at this point (because of art school), I will be able to graduate in 2013, but we shall see.

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