Posted by: kirstieann | October 8, 2012

Weekend News – Oct 7th

The weekend edition of the daily news!! The latest in GM crops, presidential elections, and environmental disasters. And sports might you ask? Well the Giants just lost again, down 0-2 to the Reds, and the Steelers won today. It was a bittersweet symphony of pride and disappointment. And I just couldn’t help myself with this first news clip..

Big Bird Visits SNL’s Weekend Update with Seth Meyers
While word on the street was that Big Bird would NOT be doing any television appearances following his unexpected mention during Wednesday’s presidential debate, ‘SNL’ apparently made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Despite it being seven hours past his bedtime, the Sesame Street star stopped by Weekend Update to comment on Romney’s promise to stop subsidizing PBS, and in the process, educated Seth Meyers on tweets and told a political joke of his own.

Supreme Court to Hear Monsanto Seed Dispute
The Supreme Court agreed Friday to hear a dispute between a soybean farmer and Monsanto Co. over the company’s efforts to limit farmers’ use of its patented, genetically engineered Roundup Ready seeds. The justices said they will hear an appeal from Indiana farmer Vernon Hugh Bowman, who is trying to fend off Monsanto’s lawsuit claiming Bowman made unauthorized use of the seeds. Monsanto’s patented soybean seeds have been genetically engineered to resist its Roundup brand herbicide. When Roundup is sprayed on a field, the product will kill the weeds without harming the crop. The Obama administration urged the court not to take the case and warned that the outcome could affect patents involving DNA molecules, nanotechnologies and other self-replicating technologies.

Exxon Sued Over Yellowstone Oil Spill
More than a dozen eastern Montana landowners filed a lawsuit Friday against Exxon Mobil Corp. claiming the company ignored warnings before a pipeline break that spilled an estimated 1,500 barrels of crude oil into the Yellowstone River. The lawsuit from property owners along the scenic waterway claims last year’s spill could have been avoided if Exxon followed the lead of other companies and shut down its pipeline during severe flooding in July 2011. The 14 plaintiffs claim they suffered harm to their property and livestock operations, damage to wildlife, and health problems from exposure to oil. They are asking for unspecified compensation for their losses and punitive damages against Exxon to serve as a deterrent against future spills.

Jon Stewart, Bill O’Reilly Rumble, and Zingers Fly
Zingers flew and egos crackled Saturday night as Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly and “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart debated in front of a boisterous audience at the George Washington University’s Lisner Auditorium. The two television personalities, at ideological odds, found common ground by brandishing their wit and revving their symbiotic sideshow act, branded this time around as “The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium.”

Venezuelan Election Officials: Chavez Re-elected as President, Defeats Capriles
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was re-elected Sunday to a new six-year term, overcoming an energetic challenge by a candidate backed by an opposition coalition, according to nearly complete results announced by election officials.

Restore the California Delta! To what, Exactly?
In California, state officials are planning a multibillion-dollar environmental restoration of the inland delta near San Francisco Bay. There’s only one problem: No one knows what the landscape used to look like. Ninety-seven percent of the original wetlands are gone, so the state is turning to historians for help.


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