Posted by: kirstieann | January 31, 2011

Where My Run Went Wacky

Let me tell you a brief story, a little experience I just had…

So I went for a run tonight down by the reflecting pool and WW2 memorial. I stopped at the end of the reflecting pool for a second to grab a cough drop out of my pocket and put my foot up on one of the benches. As I was grabbing it out of my pocket a squirrel comes under me and looks at me. Then it proceeds to jump up onto the bench and as I start to unwrap the cough drop it puts its nose on my shoe and starts sniffing. At this point I’m thinking whatever, this is so unusual there’s no way it will come any closer than that. Well I was completely wrong; it started to climb up my leg!! That must have been one sick and hungry squirrel. I immediately shook it off and stepped away from the bench, realizing that it was going to be persistent and I needed to keep on running before it jumped on me. I popped the cough drop in my mouth and was putting my glove on as its little friend joined and they both started to come towards me again. I just started running and thankfully they did not follow…


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