Posted by: kirstieann | October 21, 2010

Sweetflow Mobile Review

Ok, so I have finally just had my first fro yo from Sweetgreen’s Sweetflow mobile! Overall: pretty good. But it’s the details that keep it from being great. Their yogurt is a good, real fro yo, but it’s pretty icy, more so than it should be. My toppings: banana, peaches, & candied walnuts. The peaches were all brown from being cut and left out for so long but the flavor wasn’t compromised and it beats the canned alternative. Some of the walnuts were candied and some not, but I’m not sure they were overall candied enough to be called candied. Presentation was perfect and there were no toppings toppling off the side, but I feel like I got more toppings for my buck than yogurt for my buck. They need to solve the hollow yogurt problem and compact it in a little more so the volume of yogurt actually corresponds to the size of the cup. Favorite thing: the variety and uniqueness of their daily toppings list. It’s more than fresh fruit, chocolate chips, and granola with things like baked pears and almonds on the list, which makes for some awesome topping combination possibilities. I am excited to have some more so I can try all sorts of flavor combinations.


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