Posted by: kirstieann | July 20, 2010

iPhone 4 Update

The latest with me, Apple, and the iPhone 4:

My iPhone was easily replaced Saturday after a few questions and a seemingly normal, therefore inconclusive, diagnostic test. The guy at the Genius bar already had a new iPhone ready for me that he whipped out of nowhere in a notorious black utility-grade plastic case. It had stickers with serial numbers on it and when I left I noticed a big sticker with my name on the case. Eerie.

So far I am happy because I have a normal battery life again. The antennagate issue is definitely less drastic on the replacement phone: I can get the bars to drop to one (which is a rather insignificant and useless bar anyways) from three or more, but not to zero or the “Searching” & “No Service” dialogues anymore. This is hopeful, although I have had some brief issues with the “Could not activate Cellular Data Network” notifications. If this persists, it may mean another phone call with the nice men over at Apple Support.

If anything, I am waiting to hear when I can put my name/order in for a free case. I would also like a set of trustworthy back and front screen protectors, please.


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