Posted by: kirstieann | July 20, 2010


Intellectually stimulating, yet still entertaining. Well-thought out, incredibly pieced together, bloody brilliant.

In this day and age, so many blockbusters are created from the manipulation of the same, short list of storylines. Inception is probably the first movie I have seen in my lifetime that was *almost* completely unique (as close as we’ll ever get). While there were moments reminiscent of the Ocean’s Eleven trilogy and other scheming action movies, Inception brought in other sci-fi, mystery, drama, and innovative crime genres, making it incomparable to any one single movie.

I started out the movie knowing I needed to pay attention to the details, and once I figured everything out it was easy enough to keep track of the story without trying too hard. Keeping up with the thought-provoking aspects of the movie didn’t take away from my enjoyment of it, so I walked away amazed with all facets of the movie. No matter what, it kept me engaged and thinking, something I can’t say for most movies I am genuinely entertained by as well. I think that even people who can’t quite keep up with the shifts between dreams and reality can still avoid confusion and enjoy the storyline just as much as I did.

And I must say, seeing it in IMAX made it that much better (Yes, bigger really can be better). So go get out and see it, and prepared to be mind-bogglingly surprised.



  1. Agreed. It’s so refreshing that unique, compelling stories that are ORIGINAL are still out there – as opposed to just rehashing an old franchise.


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