Posted by: kirstieann | July 16, 2010

Update on my iPhone 4

So due to some battery life issues this week I had a call with Apple Support today. Basically, after going through it with the guy he said it was probably a problem with a battery and gave me two options: 1. they would repair my battery…overnight me a phone and have me send mine back. the new phone would be a replacement (so not really a repair after all but a flat out replacement). 2. I could go make an appointment at an apple store and see if they could figure it out further, etc. I chose the 2nd, only because I’m expecting they’ll end up replacing the phone either way, and if they do I want to see if it comes out of one of those black plastic cases like I’ve heard about and see in person how they’re really handling the many iPhone 4s they’re replacing. Keep you updated after my appointment tomorrow evening!


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