Posted by: kirstieann | July 16, 2010

LA Roadtrip

I ended up taking a bit of a last minute road trip down to Westwood this weekend with a few friends. Can I point out that it was a lot of damn driving for me? We made it there and back in good time, despite the 18-wheeler in the middle of the road on 152 the way there and the rubber-necking going on on 101 the way home – a crash closed down the other side of the freeway and a medical helicopter made an emergency landing on the freeway right in front of our eyes.

We got to Westwood late Friday night, hit up In-N-Out, and then went out. Saturday morning we had brunch at the Novel Cafe and browsed in Buffalo Exchange and a few stores before laying by the pool a little and going out again. [Hanging out in a different culture, I am happy I went to an art school and not a UC – those UCLA boys are a bit dramatic.] We ended up being lazy and going back to Novel Cafe Sunday morning before heading home. The end; not too exciting but it was something fun to do…

The I think next time I drive down to LA I will definitely take 101 instead of 5 cause I miss the days of stopping in Santa Barbara and Ventura on the way down…


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