Posted by: kirstieann | June 17, 2010

Next Up: GWU!

For those who didn’t know, I will be transferring to The George Washington University in the fall. My time at SCAD was great for the most part, but for many reasons, it’s time to move on from that stage of my life. Which in this case will take me to GWU!

I found out about my acceptance to GWU quite momentously actually. It was the third and final school I was waiting to hear from, and despite my first two acceptances, I was most unsure about GWU’s admission decision. I came home from my last class (EVER!) at SCAD and went to check the mail. To my surprise I found a big envelope from GWU and brought it inside to open it up to the most well-presented acceptance I have ever received. To this day I am still surprised and overjoyed.

Unfortunately, now I will spend the summer sitting in this puddle of mixed emotions. There is only so much I can do while I wait for fall to come; I’ve done the measly housing app, signed up for fall orientation, and am waiting to sign up for classes soon. I am so excited to get to DC and start learning as much as I can soak in, but nervous for all the new things I will be experiencing and delving into as well. I know I will be an Environmental Studies major as part of the Columbian College of Arts & Sciences, and the hope is to tack on an Art History/Fine Arts minor and International Affairs as a secondary field. Hopefully I am not being too unrealistic because right now I’m just so excited to have the opportunity to study anything I want. And maybe, with my lack of liberal arts credits at this point (because of art school), I will be able to graduate in 2013, but we shall see.



  1. I’m an Art History / French major too (for the Art History part, lol)!!
    Miss you let’s hang out soon!! xx

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